Lytham Festival - National Week of Dance

The UK's Premier Square and Round Dance Event

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In the entrance to the dancing there is a book "comments and suggestions" for anyone to write in, below is a copy of the entries and the responses , during the event in 2016. . Comment Book from 2015   from 2014   from 2013   from 2012   from 2011  


By flame or by fire, I prove you a liar! Great organisation, brilliant callers. Thank you very much. Ange & Ann xx
Squeezed in above the first comment – cheeky!

By hook or by crook, I’ll be first in this book! May we all have a wonderful time. Brian & Dorothy xx
Nice first comment in the book thank you.

9 th. Splendid night’s dancing! Well done, Di & Terry. D.
We thought you danced very well too! Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it.

Very good beginners’ waltz teaching. Job well done Paul.

10thAug. Wed. Happy birthday Terry!! Carol & Brian H. & Dora
I enjoyed it so much I intend to have another this year!

Thank you to all the organisers, helpers and to all the callers for their hard work. It is much appreciated.
Thank you. Your support is much appreciated.

One minor point, the gap between the afternoon and the evening seems to be very long. If run again, would it be possible to start the evening at 7.30 to shorten this slightly? Thanks again.
We had several comments about this and the time has been changed to 7.30pm start generally for next year.

Thanks Di for calling what we were dancing. Pauline Thank you, I try my best

Terry – Happy Birthday. Thanks for organising event. Sue & Clive, Sue & Eddie, Jane
Perfect way to spend a birthday, thank you.

Required: - Tongs to squeeze teabags? (Please!)

(Thurs) Bought a set. (Thaaank you!)

Keep them flags flying till next year. BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW!

Thank you for promoting the event.

Try after party on Wednesday to break up the week. (I find by Wednesday I get very tired.) Star if you agree = xxxxxxx

Comment noted, however after party is to be held on Thurs evening when all calling staff are present. Can’t please everyone all the time!

No – don’t agree. Jane

Four fabulous Rounds workshops! Thank you T & P! & Anneliese

Well done Teresa & Paul

We wish to thank the organisers of this event, which always truly brings out the fun and friendship in square and round dancing. A special mention to Teresa & Paul Hart for their patience, excellent instruction and encouragement in the round dance section. Looking forward to next year. Delma & Graham

Thank you for your support.

And two excellent evening Round dances!

They’ll be on the programme again next year.

A great time thank you. Tom & MarilynThank you!

Fri. The after party was great fun - thanks to all contributors. Jane Hear hear!

Thanks to 3 great callers for all levels of calling. A. Thank you.

Thanks to Terry, Di and all the team who made the week exceptionally enjoyable. Particularly enjoyed Bronc’s workshops. See you all next year. Thank you, glad you will be coming back. Have you booked yet?

Many, many thanks. Particularly enjoyed Di & Terry’s workshops. Thank you, Ann
Ditto, Ange. Xx

Thank you both for your encouragement and positive participation.

Food Angel

After being established for 13 years and providing food for the Festival, this is our very last “gig”.

Thanks to everyone who has complimented our food, and many who have become our friends.

Naziha is committed to her career in mental health, Rex is co-ordinating the fight against FGM in Europe (and Cuba!)

So to you all from Nice to Berlin, from Sydney to Southport, thanks. Your money has gone to educating girls in Africa, and finding fresh water in that arid continent, so a BIG THANK YOU!!


Love, Naziha & Rex


Thank you for many years of reliable service. Good luck in your future ventures.

Thank you for all the years of delicious food. Ann & Lindsey Agreed!

Enjoyed the entertaining after party. Thank you so much. Your excellent teaching & patience has catered for all. Well done Di,Terry & Bronc. See you next year. Ann W.

Thank you Ann. Look forward to seeing you next time.

Been another great year. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to next year. Lindsey Thank you, see you then.

Thanks again everyone for another excellent week of dance with lots of fun and friendship. A special thank you to Teresa & Paul for your dedication to Round Dancing, your excellent teaching and fun learning time together with us “oldies”. We’ve enjoyed every minute and hope you continue to research and find new dances for us to learn. We’ve had fun!! See you in October. Love from us, R&W xx

Thank you for your comments and thank you and well done Teresa and Paul for making all the round dancers so happy again.

Congratulations to all involved for giving us a wonderful week of dancing & refreshments. Jackie Thank you.

Thanks to all the helpers & organisers and a big thanks to Di & Terry for taking this week on. A great week of teaching & dancing. Thanks, Val & Barry

Thank you and massive thanks to all the much appreciated helpers.

Thank you all for a wonderful week of dance. The mysteries of “all eights” have slowly unfolded. Looking forward to next year to try and master the dreaded ZIG ZAG. CB xx

Thank you. Zig Zag it shall be! Or will it be Zag Zig or maybe Zag Zag or Zig Zig?

Congrats to all concerned for organising a wonderful week of dancing. We’ve had excellent Rounds teaching sessions and fun evening dances – in future years could we perhaps have a few dances practising what we’ve learnt during teaching to show others what we’ve done? R&S
Thank you. Your comment will be passed to Teresa and Paul and we’re sure they will be able to accommodate your request.

Thanks very much for a wonderful week again. Great Round Dancing. C&C H Thank you!

Thank you both, Terry & Di, for taking this on. We do not want to lose it. And a special thanks to Di for the early C1 teach, which was excellent! Good luck for next year! I will look forward to it. B. Many thanks for your positive comments and for your help. See you again next year.

Can we start the evening session at 7.30pm? 3½ hours break is too long for me. Brian H.
Not for me. J.
See comment above. Can’t please everyone all the time!

Can we have skimmed milk as well on the tea/coffee table. Brian H.

Yes, if you bring your own. J. Comment noted for consideration.

Thanks for a wonderful week of dancing. Joyce & David Thank you.

Thanks for a great week of dancing. Leon & Pat Thank you.

Really Useful Rounds Review – thanks. Thank you. Well done Teresa.

Thank you for a good week. Really enjoyable dancing. Hope to be here next year. All level dancing very good. Val & Mue
Thank you. See you next year. Hip Hip Hooray!!

Another year in Lytham; thanks to everyone. Great dancing and Happy Birthday to Terry. Anke & Andreas Thank you. Hope to repeat it next year.

Beverley & Brian thank everyone involved in organising this Lytham Dance Week. Best for a very long time and friendly.
Thank you for your nice comment.

Thanks for a most enjoyable week – callers, dancers, organisers & helpers. Hazel & Duncan Thank you.

Thanks for a super week of dancing & to Teresa & Paul for all your patience & help with rounds – see you again next year!! Sue & Clive Thank you for your comment and your help. Well done Teresa & Paul.

Thank you for a wonderful week. We are already looking forward to next year. Sue & Eddie Thank you, look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks for making us so very welcome and for the truly wonderful C1 teaching! See you in 2018. Rick & Carol Mason xoxo

Thank you very much for your comments, thank you for your contribution to the event and after party and thanks in anticipation for bringing all your friends in 2018

Comments received verbally:

Hand sanitiser on refreshments table (for biscuits)

Stagger pitches on campsite

Comment Book from 2015   from 2014   from 2013   from 2012   from 2011  
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